Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament

Bernese Mountain dog temperament is the guardian dogs that usually have a shorter lifespan. These muscular dogs are taller in appearance. They usually have a height of about 26 inches to 28 inches. Bernese Mountain dog accompanies their master in his journey and makes the bond with the master in no time. They are well known and liked due to their temperament and personality.

Bernese Mountain Dog temperament is on the hit list of queries regarding this adorable dog breed. Can Bernese Mountain Dog be aggressive, Is Bernese Mountain Dog smart, Is Bernese Mountain Dog affectionate, Is Bernese Mountain Dog good with babies and Are Bernese Mountain Dog good family dogs are massively explored queries regarding the Bernese Mountain dog temperament. In this pet guide, you would get to know all about these!

Can Bernese Mountain Dog be Aggressive?

Bernese Mountain dog is sociable dogs. These calm and peace-loving dogs behave well both indoors and outdoors. They usually do not depict aggressive behavior. However, some of the times the Bernese Mountain male dogs may depict aggressive behavior. And, such behavior is merely for the other male dogs only.

Is Bernese Mountain Dog Smart?

Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament

These smart dogs are amazingly protective in nature. These guardian dogs were formerly the working dogs that aided in transporting of good from one location to another.

Bernese Mountain dogs are the dogs having great energies. Hence, it is better to take them for regular exercise. They even behave well with strangers. These patient dogs were originated in Switzerland.

Is Bernese Mountain Dog Affectionate?

Bernese Mountain dog is affectionate towards the kids. They are obedient dogs. It is necessary to equip them with training. They are known as double coated and tricolored pets that respond well to training. These are sensitive dogs and family oriented as well. These good-natured dogs are considered to be the giant dogs having a litter size of up to 15 puppies.

Is Bernese Mountain Dog Good With Babies?

They love to play with them and can even ignore some of their mischievous also such as jumping from its head etc. Their behavior and attraction to kids are ideal. They are good to be kept at home with the kids. They also depict protection towards them and feel pleasure on getting appreciation and treats. These are amazingly tolerant dogs and does not bark unnecessarily. People even like purchasing them because of their cool temperament.

Are Bernese Mountain Dog Good Family Dogs?

Yes, Bernese Mountain dog is highly family oriented. It makes them protective and caring towards its own family and the family of their master as well.

Did you purchase any Bernese Mountain dog? What is the temperament of your beloved Bernese Mountain dog? Did you experience any aggressive in its temperament or you found them to be affectionate and family oriented? What does your personal experience say about Bernese Mountain dog temperament? Comment below to let us know about your stories and experiences.

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