Bernese Mountain Dog Ear Infections

Bernese Mountain dog ear infections lead to diminished hearing power. Bernese Mountain dog ear infections make it hard for the dog to listen and respond properly. Let’s have in-depth details of such infections.

Types of Bernese Mountain Dog Ear Issues:

Let us have a glance at the most common types of Bernese Mountain dog ear issues in order to combat with them properly. Ear issues mostly arise due to bacterial infections. It may be due to uncleanliness. It requires about 5 to 7 days for the ear issues to get resolved.  Ear issues can be an acute or chronic one. The moisture can lead to fungal infections. Keep on checking the ears of Bernese Mountain dog and ensure to remove the wax on a timely basis. Ear infections can be of external ear or internal canal.

Signs And Symptoms Of Ear Infections in Bernese Mountain Dog:

Signs and symptoms of ear infections in Bernese Mountain dog are of keen significance. It is because it helps the owner to know that the condition of the dog is not up to the mark and it requires immediate treatment. ON observing any abnormality in your dog’s behavior, you need to be cautious about the dog’s health. Common symptoms of ear infections include itching, pain, rubbing,r edness, inflammation, difficulty in hearing and in some cases pus or blood oozing out form the ear.

Treatment for Common Infections in Bernese Mountain Dog:

Bernese Mountain Dog Ear Infections

Some of the ear infections are quite common in dogs. The master should eager to know the treatment for common infections in Bernese Mountain dog. It helps in preventing the complications that may arise later on. The vet may prescribe the otic drops for the treatment of your beloved pet. Most commonly the analgesic medication is prescribed to them.

If it persists then the combination of analgesic and anesthetic is provided to them. The vet may also prescribe steroid to it depending upon the condition of the dog. Otic drops and ointment are the most commonly prescribed.

Prevention and Proper Care at Home:

When the prevention and proper care at home are provided to the Bernese Mountain dog then the issues like ear infection can be avoided. Prevent problems such as ear issues by ensuring better care of the dog’s ear. Clean them on periodically. As the ears are triangular in appearance having the top potion folded hence, it has greater chances of accumulation of dust and dirt inside the ear. Take a clean and wet cloth for removing the debris and dirt from the ear.

The tri-colored and calm Bernese Mountain Dog is simply adorable. Do you ever face any issue regarding the Bernese Mountain Dog ear infections? What do you do to treat it? How it affected the behavior, temperament or health of your dog? How did you get to know that the dog is having an ear infection? Comment below and share with us about your experience!

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