How do I stop my Bernese Mountain Dog biting?

Bernese Mountain dog is one of the cool and calm giant dogs. These tricolored dogs are the amazing guardian that are taller in height. They usually have a shorter lifespan which is about 6 to 8 years. Before making a purchase of the Bernese Mountain dog, it is better to know the details about it. It includes the details such as appearance, temperament, How do I stop my Bernese Mountain Dog biting, diseases, etc.

How do I stop my Bernese Mountain Dog biting is associated with a number of queries and facts. It usually involves 5 main reasons Bernese Mountain Dog bite and How to train your Bernese Mountain Dog not to bite.

Five main reasons Bernese Mountain Dog bite:

One of the leading cause that leads toward the biting form the Bernese Mountain dog is that these are massively possessive. They are possessive regarding their food, toys, master etc. Training can play a key role in preventing from such possessiveness and bitting. Leave it technique is the technique that may work the best for the toys aggression. Fear is one of the most common cause that may result in bitting. Indulging into an unfamiliar situation or having fear form others can enforce the dog to bite in response.

The third cause of dog bite is the pain. Pain can stimulate the dog to bite others. In addition to this, Bernese Mountain dog also depicts biting due to the maternal instincts. Last but not the least, prey drive is the factor that may lead to the dog bite. Cycling or running around the pet can trigger the dog. Similarly, eye contact can also be known to trigger it. The ultimate result is chasing and biting.

How to train your Bernese Mountain Dog not to bite:

Bernese Mountain Dog biting

Both training and socializing the Bernese Mountain dog can help in preventing the dog bite. In order to prevent the dog from biting as a consequence of fear, all you need to do is to take the dog to gatherings. Allow it to socialize well. It helps in diminishing the fear of strangers or unfamiliar situations. Command the dog to be friend and share objects such as toys etc with others.

If the bite is due to pain then it better to avoid the circumstances that may cause pain to it. And, if it is in pain due to any disease, illness or injury then administer painkiller to it. It helps in diminishing the pain.

Does your Bernese Mountain dog bite? Did it ever bite a stranger or any pet? If yes, then let us know the age at which you started its training. Comment below to share your stories about the biting of your Bernese Mountain dog.

Skin infections in Bernese Mountain Dog tail s a serious issue. It leads to massive discomfort to the dog. IT is necessary to prevent it form spreading and worsening. Get to know the reasons and treatment of it by reading about it!

video credit youtube channel:Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

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