Bernese Mountain Dog Appearance

Bernese Mountain Dog Appearance

A strong and muscular giant dog that was originated in Switzerland is popular with the name of Bernes Mountain dog. Beserne Mountain dog is fabulous in appearance. People having interest in adorable pets should definitely keep their hands on these companion dogs. Bernese Mountain dog appearance is ideal. These calm dogs have large bodies. There is much more to reveal about the Bernese Mountain dog appearance. Get to know the details of the amazing features and appearance of Bernese Mountain dog.  Here, we have compiled information regarding the Bernese Mountain Dog Face appearance, Bernese Mountain Dog coat color, Bernese Mountain Dog paw size, and shape, Bernese Mountain Dog average weigh, and Bernese Mountain Dog tail.

Bernese Mountain Dog Face Appearance:

The powerful Bernese Mountain dog seems to have a compact body. Bernese Mountain dog face appearance tells that the head of this giant dog breed is flat. When it comes to the ears, these are found to set high. The size of the Bernese Mountain dog’s ear is medium while their shape is triangular. At the top, they seem to be rounded. The height of these muscular dogs is usually from 24 inches to 28 inches. Their seasonal shedding requires heavy maintenance. Keep on grooming and maintenance from time to time. Even, the cleansing of the ear is also required as the dirt, dust etc easily gets accumulated under the folds of the ear.

Bernese Mountain Dog Coat Color:

Bernese Mountain Dog AppearanceHaving a glimpse on the Bernese Mountain dog coat color reveals the fact that it is a tri-colored dog. Yes, you read right. Although it sounds a bit astonishing yet it true. They have three amazingly adorable and fascination colors in their coat. These intelligent and highly trained dogs have silky hair. Their long coat contains black, rust and white color. They have white color around their chest. While at the sides of the mouth, they seem to have the rust color. It is also observed above the eyes. Behind the neck of these domestic dogs lies the Swiss kiss. It is basically the mark of white colored that is located over there. They have the double coat and their litter size may reach up to 15 puppies.

Bernese Mountain Dog Paw Size and Shape:

Bernese Mountain dog paw size and shape is center of attention for many dog lovers. Bernese Mountain dog appearance tells that have arches toes. Legs of these muscular and guardian dogs are straight. Their strong legs help them in running fast and chasing. They have round toes. Bernese Mountain dog is quite easy to train. Hence, owners do not need to any extra or hard efforts in order to train their beloved pet. However, it is suggested to commence the training of the pet at an early stage.

These muscular dogs are commonly known as Berner. Toenails require trimming when they get enlarged. But how to determine that the length of the toenail is more than the required. Well, the most general and useful rule need to be adopted over here in order to determine that either it is the time for trimming the toenail or not. When you hear the sound of a tick on the floor while you beloved Bernese Mountain dog is walking then you should definitely consider the trimming process for the toenails.

Bernese Mountain Dog Average Weight:

Bernese Mountain Dog AppearanceIt is necessary to know about the weight of the Bernese Mountain dog in order to provide the best feed to it and maintain them in their average weight range. Bernese Mountain dog average weight range for the males is from 80 pounds to 120 pounds. As females depict slight less weight rage in comparison to males hence, they found to have the average weight range from 70 pounds to 110 pounds.  Bernese Mountain Dogs are among the dogs that depict to have the shorter lifespan. They soon say goodbye to their masters.

The average lifespan of the Bernese Mountain dog is about 7 to 8 years. These calm dogs seem to have amazing energy. They are good dogs to be played with and their depict affection as well. The leading cause of death of the Bernese Mountain dog is cancer. Hence, it is required that owner take their faithful Bernese Mountain dog for a regular checkup so that cancer may get diagnosed at the initial stage and can save the life of the dog with the rapid treatment.

Bernese Mountain Dog Tail:

Bernese Mountain Dog AppearanceLet’s unfold the amazing fact about the Bernese Mountain dog tail. They seem to have a long tail. These giant dogs are bit larger than their tail. They seem to have the bushy tail. The tail of Bernese Mountain dog is often carried low. Brush the teeth of your beloved Bernese Mountain dog on weekly basis. It helps in keeping the teeth protected from tartar, plaque and germ attack. Bernese Mountain dogs were used by the farmers and other people for working purpose. The domestic purpose for which the farmers love to use the Bernese Mountain dog was to transport the dairy products from one place to another. Now, these are used for protecting their masters from the harms, danger, and the enemy. These excellent dogs behave well with kids. Not merely with kids, but they depict good behavior towards other pets too.

Have you seen any Bernese Mountain dog? Do you or any of your friends have it? If yes, then how does it look? Tell us about the features, characters, and shape of your Bernese Mountain dog. We would love to hear the pet name that you gave to your Bernese Mountain dog and the appearance that fascinate you the most about your beloved pet. Comment below to share your stories and experiences about Bernese Mountain Dog.

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