Bernese Mountain Dog Tail Issues and Care

Bernese Mountain Dog tail issues and care are associated with queries and facts such as skin infections in Bernese Mountain Dog tail, other dogs biting, Sprains, Wagging-Related Injuries, Fracture or Dislocation, Fleas, and Home care for your Bernese Mountain Dog. Let us address the details of the Bernese Mountain Dog tail issues and care in this pet guide.

Skin Infections in Bernese Mountain Dog Tail:

Skin infections in Bernese Mountain dog tail can occur due to dryness, excessive itch etc. Redness and inflammation of tail skin usually occur due to skin infection. In worsening of it, the injury such as wound and skin bleeding may be observed.

Other Dogs Biting:

Prevent the dog from being bitten by other dogs. Bitting of the dogs is quite intense that it often leads to bleeding. It takes much time to recover as well.


Sprains can occur due to any reason. These may be due to jerks and wagging too. The best thing is that usually, these are temporary in nature. Avoid dragging the dog from its tail. Else, sprain or fractures would be an outcome.

Wagging-Related Injuries:

Bernese Mountain dog uses its tail for depicting its emotions such as happiness, anger, annoyance, and agitation. It wags its tail to express emotions.

Fracture or Dislocation:

Bernese Mountain Dog Tail Issues and Care

Fracture and dislocation usually occur when any heavy object encounters the tail. It may also happen when the tail is stuck somewhere. The jerking can sometimes lead to fracture or sprain. The fracture can be so harmful that it can lead to the breaking of the tail as well.

A mild fracture does not take much for healing. It usually gets healed on its own. Bernese Mountain dog tail issues and Care explain that the fracture if happen to the base of the tail then it may lead to serious troubles such as surgery.


The parasitic attack can affect the overall health of the dog. It may even spread. Hence, it is better to take special care of the dog. Cleanliness avoids such unpleasant scenarios.

Home Care for your Bernese Mountain Dog:

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for the health of the Bernese Mountain dog. Add it to the diet of your beloved dog. Prevent to feed it with the food having chemicals in it. Wash the tail with good quality shampoo, dry it and hair it well with comb or brush. Apply Vaseline or moisturizer on it in case of dryness.

Did you experience any type of trouble regarding the tail of Bernese Mountain dog? How do you manage to provide the best care to your Bernese Mountain dog care? Share your ways of dealing with the dog tail and combating the issues of it? Comment us to know about it!

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