Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix

When it comes about to make a purchase of dog pet, then hybrid breeds are the best option. They have qualities of both parent breeds. Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix is hybrid of Bernese mountain dog and Boxer dog that is termed as “Boxnese”. In order to keep a check on its proper growth and health, ensure to visit the vet regularly. It is quite convenient to trait this little pup at a younger age.

It is known to be considered in those dog breeds that require high maintenance and grooming time. Its medium coat makes its grooming super easy. This breed of dog is quite unpredictable in some behaviors; one must study the characteristics and traits of parent breeds before purchasing this cute pup.

Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix Appearance:

Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix appearance is a combination of Boxer and Bernese mountain dog breed. It has a medium length coat and less shedding. It has black, brown and white color skin with small hairs on it. To keep its coat shiny, silky and neat, grooming is needed frequently. Regular grooming, nail cutting, bathing, teeth brushing should be done on a regular basis for maintaining proper hygiene.

Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix Weight and Height:

Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix needs little extra care in terms of feeding. High protein food is required to gain Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix weight and height in an optimal range. Provide it high nutritious food at a time in small portions so that it would not gain extra weight.

Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix

Average Lifespan of Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix:

Average Lifespan of Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix is a time period in which you must make its quality of life improved and higher. The master should take good care of his beloved pet’s hygiene and health so that it can enjoy its life even more and can spend quality time playing with the master.

It has a very loving nature, it becomes so friendly with members of the house. It loves to play with its master. It is considered one of the best dog breeds for the family with children.

But consider one thing in mind that it has a large body so keep a check when it is playing with small kids as knocking can be a risk.

Diseases in Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix:

If we talk about the diseases in Bernese Mountain Dog Boxer Mix, reviews we get from the vets and masters are not sufficient to clearly define the disease state. The Bernese mountain dogs are more prone to have cancer and die because of cancer. The Boxers are more prone toward mild ailments like allergies, injuries.

If you have this amazing dog in your house, then let us know about its nature, traits, activities and how you care for it whole day. We will love to hear such adorable master-pet stories.

Bernese mountain dog mix with Border collie is another amazing breed of dogs that collectively named as, Bernese Collie or Bordernese. It is a friendly and moderately active breed of dogs. If you want to know more about the health, nature, appearance and other traits of Bordernese, read the complete article.


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